Buying my first home with Louise-1982 (38)

Two days ago (January 30, 2022) I traveled back in time to 1982, 40 years ago, with the Oculus Quest 2 app "Wander"

Join me as I revisit the house where I lived for 14 years inside this "almost like being there" VR experience.

"Remember, Dwight, you cannot introduce yourself as the former owner of this house."

Of course, what you're seeing here in this video is 2D. I'm in an immersive 3D experience. I had to remind myself that I could not just walk up to the front door and introduce myself as the former house owner.

This $10 app that runs on the Oculus Quest 2 called "Wander" allows you to explore the world, jumping from here to there or wherever. In many places, you can "walk along the road." The video above shows Wander, using video data from Google Street View to give you an immersive experience. I instructed Wander to take me to 4339 North 39th Street in Phoenix, Arizona and that's what it did!

Beginning fourteen amazing years in this house from 1982 with my bride-to-be

I never thought I would get married. But Louise changed my mind. We met in June of 1981 and fell in love. She moved into the two-floor condo I was renting in Tempe, Arizona on South Mill Avenue. After living together for a while and deciding to get married, we started looking for a house to buy. It would be her third one, but my first. 

Wedding and reception in our back yard

We got married in our backyard of our new home on March 20, 1983. The half-acre lot, with 27 citrus trees, provided a spacious and verdant lawn, along with shade trees. My brother-in-law Sven became a mail-order minister so that he could officiate our wedding.

We had a budget, potluck wedding, with both ceremony, music, and reception in the backyard. Several of the 110+ guests told Louise and me it was the most unique and special wedding they ever attended.

This house saw the launch of an enterprise...

We created and launched "The Magical Poet" in this house, as well as ending my 15 years as a tax rebel.

This house saw me change careers...

In April of 1987, Louise supported me in changing my career of 20 years in computer software programming to that of a life coach.

This house saw a good divorce...

After a ten-year relationship with many good times together and learning a lot, we decided to go our separate ways. Our partnership and friendship were pretty good, but we were both missing passion and excitement in our relationship. I remember one six-month stretch where we slept in the same bed with no sex. We had read books, tried therapists, even had a session with renowned NLP creator Richard Bandler. To no avail. I bought her out for her stake in the house and remained living there.

The house saw the budding of a new romance...

I had developed a close friendship with a Japanese woman, Yuko. Previously, she had been my client and I worked with her to negotiate a good divorce with her American husband, which included addressing child custody issues with their young son Lucas, never suspecting our future together.


Yuko and I were talking on the phone regularly after Louise and I were separated. One evening, as we were talking, I screwed up a little courage and said, "It would be very nice if I had a chance to cuddle with you sometime." After she got clear about my definition of cuddling, we scheduled an afternoon cuddling session at her place when her three-year-old son would be with his father.

Nestled down on her sofa together, after a bit of nice cuddling, we both discovered we wanted more. 

We were married in March of 1993.

This house saw me as an "uncle in training"...

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